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LW-DR01 Replaceable Dental floss pick

Replaceable dental floss pick

Replaceable floss heads: 14 replaceable floss heads, high-quality fiber, strong tension, good flexibility, easy to enter the teeth, and not easy to crack. 

Reusable handle: The dental floss stick is made of high-quality PP plastic+PET and is about 15.3 cm long. It can be used simply by changing the floss head. 

Deep cleaning: Brushing your teeth alone cannot remove small food particles stuck between the teeth and around the gums. These particles can cause bad breath. The floss stick can be thoroughly cleaned, leaving your mouth healthy and fresh breath. 

Comfortable handle and non-slip surface: The handle is long enough to clean the hard-to-reach back teeth, so that the entire oral cavity is clean and hygienic. Portable: It is easy to carry and can be used at any time after eating and drinking.

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Material of handle: PP+PET 

Material of refill head: PP+200D UHMWPE 

Size of handle:15.3(L)cm F

lavor: without 

Floss coating: without 

Packing Set unit: One dental floss pick and 14 refill heads in a Blister card. 

Refill head: 50 or 100 pcs in a PP box.

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