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Can the water flosser replace the dental cleaning? Is it necessary to buy it?

Today we will systematically and objectively understand whether the water flosser is good or not!

1.What is water flosser?

Water flosser is also called a tooth cleaner, the industry generally called it dental flusher.
It is a high-pressure powerful water column, scour the teeth in the mouth, tooth socket, tooth, etc., the traditional brushing tools can not take into account the corner.
Single on the function of flossing, if the general floss can be evaluated ★★★★, how to say that water flosser also have ★★★★★+

2. where is the advantage of water flosser?

Modern black technology - water flosser
It takes less than a minute to clean up every nook and cranny.
The only downside is that water floss is a little bulky, making it hard to carry around.
So when you're traveling or on business, bring your regular floss with you.